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The ScanVan at Huntington Beach, CA with bonfires and Catalina Island in the distance.





1-888-SCAN-VAN's concept is simple:

1. PRESERVE. Our ScanVan™ arrives at your location and we quickly scan all your photos right there, on-the-spot! At that point you've preserved your entire collection and can store the CD/DVD off-site for security.

Optionally, you may ship the items to be scanned to:

12821 Valencia Way
Garden Grove, CA 92841


hand deliver the items to be scanned to our drop-off location at:

Baek's Fine Jewelry
9580 Garden Grove Blvd., Suite 305
Garden Grove, CA 92844
See map.

Your documents will be stored in a fireproof safe until we take them to our ScanLab.

2. RESTORE. Once scanned, you can select special images you may want us to work on to restore color, eliminate spots and tears or whatever. It is our passion to create the absolute best restoration possible and guarantee your satisfaction or you don't pay.

3. SHARE. The whole purpose of preserving and restoring your images is the ability to view and share them. You can make prints from your home computer, and we can post your scanned collection onto the internet, with a password. Whomever you give the password to can view your collection and order prints or photo gifts for themselves, all without bothering you! One very memorable and thoughtful way to share your images is with a custom slide show, combining your images, sound and video. Sharing an image or collection makes the perfect gift!


Your one-of-a-kind photographs and documents are at risk. Fires, natural disasters, mold, insects and improper storage can totally destroy an entire collection. Also, because all paper photos are chemical based, they naturally deterioriate over time, even under pristine storage conditions.

Since most photo collections are stored in cardboard boxes in garages or attics, humidity and temperature speed up this deterioration. Digitizing (scanning) freezes your photos and documents in time, recording them at the best they will ever be again in their natural state. Of course, digital images never deterioriate.

1-888-SCAN-VAN will drive to your location, scan all your images and put them on a CD/DVD that can be kept in a safety deposit box or other safe place.

How can we do this? Our commercial scanning equipment is high quality (24-bit), high quality (400 dpi) and state-of-the-art. Our actual scanning time for 1,200 images is only about one hour. The same job on a conventional flatbed scanner would take about 60 hours of non-stop work. Add to that the time we spend examining each scan for proper skew and crop, and we're a bargain you just can't beat!

The huge time savings and convenience 1-888-SCAN-VAN offers is what makes our services such a great value.


Once your photos and documents are scanned, our digital artists can repair damaged images and enhance them in countless ways. For instance, we can add/delete people, change the color of clothing and eliminate wrinkles/blemishes.

Most images can use color correction, straightening and cropping to maximize their appeal. Tell us what you want, and we'll do it. Our passion is to make your treasured images the absolute best they can be, maximizing the pleasure you and others experience when viewing them.


After your images and documents are preserved and restored, you'll want to view them yourself as well as share them with others. Today, there are many different ways to present your stories:

1. Conventional photographic, inkjet or dye sublimation prints

2. Hard/soft covered albums (you specify the number of pages)

3. Slide shows with music and/or your voice-over or video that can be played on your computer, TV, MP3/iPod or CD/DVD player.

4. Photo gifts, such as mugs, calendars, puzzles, t-shirts and more.

5. Convert an image to look like a painting and put it onto canvas.

6. Put albums on the internet where folks you give the password to can view your images and slide shows. They can even order prints or photo gifts if they wish... all without bothering you.


Besides preserving your collection of images and documents, you'll also want to record who all the people are in the photos, what the event was, the date it was taken and tell a story about it. Why was it important enough to spend the money and take that picuture in the first place?

The older a photo is, the more difficult it is to collect information about it. The great grandparents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who have that information sometimes pass away without leaving the details you need to tell the story. How many photos do you already have that you have no clue as to who is with your mom, dad or loved one in that picture? A big part of that story is lost forever.

For baby boomers especially, time is of the essence for collecting the information and recording the voice-overs and movies that you'll want to use in telling and presenting stories. The Greatest Generation are in their 80's and 90's, and their stories deserve to be documented and told.

These stories, left as a legacy to future generations, are the primary reason
1-888-SCAN-VAN exists.